The Approach of Electrical Mantra Team

Long back, when we were on the way to become an engineering graduate (Electrical), and completing the third year studies, we realised the basic need to develop our clear concepts for all our subject modules, which will be easy to recall as well as connected to the practical fields. The bookish language is always much more informative, and full of contents. But you know, things are always beautiful when they are presented in a easy way, with live examples, case analysis, and do it yourself models. When the deep root subject modules are illustrated such a way you can relate with, then there is no need to remember anything. You can visualise the entire thing, when the basic concept is clear to you.

This website is your link to connect what you have studied in your text books, with how they actually looks like in the practical fields. Starting from the very basic abcd concepts of electrical theory, we have covered many core engineering topics as well, which will be beneficial for those who are studying electrical or electronics engineering, and the professionals who are dealing with electricity in their day to day life.

The Electrical Mantra Story

Every creature in our world has it’s own story, same way the story of electrical mantra started a couple of years ago, when we had started publishing our articles and practical analysis of several electrical theories in some online electrical journals. After a certain period, we have launched our own website and started writing the articles in such a way, that the basic concept become very clear to the people who are reading the same. All the articles are written in simple English, with a brief theory and full of practical life examples. So, just explore the knowledge and share with your friends, because we all know that, the best thing you can share in this world, is knowledge.

Meet the Electrical Mantra Team

Let us introduce the team behind “Electrical Mantra”.

MAINAK MALAKAR (B. Tech, Electrical)
Founder of “Electrical Mantra”


SOURAV SAHA (Diploma in Electrical and Automation)
Co-Founder of “Electrical Mantra”


We are the two core members who are engaged in writing the contents, gathering the articles in respective and best suitable categories, but to get the unique ideas and practical field examples, Professor Aloke Chateterjee helps us a lot. Our friends are continuously encouraging and supporting us, to make this mission a grand success. We all are very thankful to them.

If you want to share your knowledge with us, or have any questions in your mind then just fill up the below form and send to us, we will be happy to hear from you.

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