Welcome to Electrical Mantra

Welcome to Electrical Mantra, the knowledge portal of Electrical and Electronics Engineering. In our day to day life, electricity is associated with almost every movement, starting from your early morning alarm to the bed switch before you go to sleep. So, it is very common to raise random questions in your mind related to the science and engineering behind the electricity. There are lot of heavy books, critical theories, laws, and explanations for all these, but you may find that they are not sufficient to clear up your doubts, or may be your question is completely different. From this particular point, the journey of Electrical Mantra starts, to simplify the queries related to electrical engineering and electronics engineering, the basic concepts as well as deep root engineering behind the electrical science. For example, in our daily life we use AC power, so we shall guide you to gather the ideas from where it all started, that is how the electricity is generated in power plants, how it is transferred from the generating power plants to the industries and our house, and how we use the raw power to brighten up our rooms, turning on the fans, Air condition, and all our gadgets.

We, the team of Electrical Mantra live in a parallel world where nothing is hard, and nothing is impossible. Here you will find a very simple way to understand, to analysis the science and engineering concepts which will help to you to increase the knowledge base, simply by understanding, not by remembering. And yes, this entire knowledge base is free to use, feel free to ask anything whatever in your mind, clear up your doubts, and also share your knowledge to other people.

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